Google’s echo chamber challenge


Turns out I/O 2013 was not a little mind blowing.  Larry Page and co. put on a killer show, featuring flawless demos of the newly unified google platform.  From social (google+) to local (maps), google will deliver an immersive experience through major design changes and deeply integrated machine learning. Whether the new direction represents a natural evolution, or, as Mashable sees it, evidence of google’s master plan, it’s clear that Google, the machine, is a lot smarter now.  And it wants to get personal.

Google is uniquely qualified to deliver what is in effect an at-scale personal agent.  Google Now was a mere morsel.  The new google at our fingertips and eyeballs promises to empower nimble knowledge seekers everywhere and in real time.

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Learning at the edge of the network


Entertainment systems, smart appliances, security systems, home automation components, these and more are the devices that define the edge of today’s network.  They are increasingly smarter. They are increasingly critical to our well-being.  How can we learn from them?

Thanks to our progress toward the learning everywhere web and the wide adoption of MOOCs, elearning is being embraced as social, asynchronous and forward-thinking.  But when it comes to operating a simple every-day device, detracting in any way from what should be an intuitive experience does not sound like an effective design approach.
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