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The Elearning + Marketing canvass


Last week, I discussed the opportunity to integrate learning technology into a large scale web-based mobilization platform like the one developed by the Obama for America (OFA) 2012 campaign. In a stroke of serendipity, earlier this week the Republican National Committee (RNC) released their Growth Opportunity Project report. Three months in the making, the report is billed as an honest, thorough review of the 2012 election cycle and a comprehensive plan for moving forward.

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Elearning {hearts} Marketing

elearning loves marketing

I’m squeamish about sticking cables into my cortex, but I love the scene from the Matrix where Neo jacks in to learn karate (Oh Wachowski Brothers Where Art Thou?).  There are so many things I want to learn. The internet is my matrix.  Yet as the internet grows the world’s knowledge base, the pressure to learn more and learn more quickly also grows.  I believe there’s a huge opportunity to address this challenge through an approach that combines elearning + marketing to discover, share, and apply learning.
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The elearning strategist’s can-do credo

It’s terribly exciting to see the continuing global trend toward better corporate elearning.  However, it can be just plain terrifying if you’re the one tasked with leading a corporate elearning initiative.  A recent global study conducted by SkillSoft finds CEOs want leaner training programs deployed more quickly and are willing to pay for them.  This is new and good news.  From Creator to Customer to CEO, more purposeful investments mean more valuable elearning programs mean more purposeful investments.

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