The elearning strategist’s can-do credo

It’s terribly exciting to see the continuing global trend toward better corporate elearning.  However, it can be just plain terrifying if you’re the one tasked with leading a corporate elearning initiative.  A recent global study conducted by SkillSoft finds CEOs want leaner training programs deployed more quickly and are willing to pay for them.  This is new and good news.  From Creator to Customer to CEO, more purposeful investments mean more valuable elearning programs mean more purposeful investments.

Who are you

Because of the unique affinity between learning, sharing, and innovation, stewardship of corporate elearning programs falls often to resources across a wide spectrum of disciplines.   The spectrum includes HR, IT, Instructional Design, Marketing, Biz Dev, Project Management and, not infrequently, Subject Matter Experts.  Pulling off an effective corporate elearning program across such a range of skils requires unique tools and talent.

The tools are there.  Launching (or relaunching) a corporate elearning program these days can be a very agile and strategic initiative thanks to some killer new tools.  The proliferation of cloud-based platforms and niche offerings in EdTech include innovations such as:

  • On-demand, contextualized elearning content
  • Turn-key industry-niche platforms with integrated marketing features
  • Open source platforms studded with plugins designed to deliver learning everywhere.

Tools like these will please those surveyed CEOs (and their 250+ employees each)

Tools: check.

Talent: the secret recipe.  That is, until now.

Elearning Strategist’s Can-Do Credo

 Here is one applied approach used by Elearning Strategists to deliver valuable elearning programs.  Regardless of your area of expertise or comfort zone, you can improve your results if you make the Elearning Strategist’s Can-Do Credo work for you.

  • Champion the mission
  • Connect authentically with stakeholders
  • Align project goals with a strategic agenda
  • Lead internal, customer, and vendor team sprints
  • Manage budgets and resources transparently
  • Innovate creatively
  • Document concisely and visually
  • Drink lots of water

Stay above the fray and think like an Elearning Strategist to broaden your perspective and help you lead better.   You’ll launch corporate elearning programs worth bragging about.  You’ll inspire better hydration.  And remember, CEOs around the globe report stepping up for better elearning.